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Name:Rob Hansen
Birthdate:Jan 6
Location:Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America
Website:Six Demon Bag

Just another kid from the cornfields of Iowa—

—I meant, from Sand Mountain, Alabama—

—Correction, from Houston—

—hmm. Well. As Johnny Cash sang, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” There are a few places I can claim as my home, and of those there are a few that might actually tolerate me making the claim.

I’m one part redneck and one part academic, a thesis away from a doctoral degree in computer science whose prized possession is a SIG 556 and who, given his druthers, would much rather spend the day at the range than at work.

Politically, I sympathize with Libertarians but I think they’ve got even more crazed nutsos in their party than the Republicans. I guess my political orientation can best be described as “I don’t care so long as you leave me the hell alone” meets “old–school cynic.” Don’t ask me about politics unless you really want to hear my answers. You will probably not like them, but they will at least be informed and reflective.

I believe in the right to privacy. I think you have as much right to it as I do. I will never ask you to give up your privacy, nor will I ever make use of tools to compromise your privacy. That said, there is a big difference between what people think they have put out for the world to see, and what they have actually put out there. Do not misunderstand me: if you pique my interest, for whatever reason, I will start looking. I’ll just be very careful to only look at public records.

I am a software engineer, among other things, and work very hard to actually be worthy of the title engineer. I am not a programmer with delusions of grandeur.

When I was eleven years old I visited Thomas Jefferson’s memorial, where I read, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” It struck me as a good idea. I did not understand how a country that would carve those words in stone in the nation’s capital could then turn around and accuse their countrymen of being “extremists” just for believing in those words.

Today, those words still strike me as a good idea, and I still do not understand.

Thank you very much for reading this, and I invite you to make a comment and introduce yourself.

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